🚀 Welcome to XYZ.

XYZ is a collection of projects I built on my free time. 📬 [email protected] for job and project opportunities.

🌿 TensorFlow Plant Leaf Disease Prediction

Identify common plant leaf diseases by just uploading an image. Made with TensorFlow and Django.

🏫 Philippine Island Kids International Foundation Incorporated Student Database

Student database of PIKIFI beneficiaries and students. Made with Django. Assets and media deployed in S3.

📱 PalayLab Android App

Machine Learning-powered mobile app for detecting rice plant diseases and pests. Powered by TensorFlow with support from TensorFlow Research Cloud. Available for download on Google Play.

👥 Project Pag-Apil (Open Bangsamoro Data Challenge)

Data visualization entry for 2020 Open Bangsamoro Data Challenge.

🧠 AI Pilipinas 2018 Website

Official 2018 website for AI Pilipinas (followed by TensorFlow and Machine Learning Philippines and now of the same name).

🔗 marcrey.es URL Shortener

URL shortener for services hosted under *.marcreyes.ph and *.marcreyes.xyz. Backend powered by Rebrandly.

👨‍💻 TensorFlow JS Demos - Machine Learning with JavaScript

Demo web apps using TensorFlow JS, a framework for deploying Machine Learning with JavaScript.